Monday, March 5, 2012

Twenty-five Members!

Our group continues to grow!  Welcome to Nancy from Pennsylvania.  You can learn more about Nancy at her blog, Promises to Keep.

Sometime this week, I'm planning to create a list of resources that might be helpful to you in designing your doll quilts.  This would include links to blogs, websites, and books that I've found helpful.  If any of you have suggestions about what might be included on the list, please send them along.


  1. That is so exciting. I am already working on my 3-color and have the May Flowers on the sketch book.

  2. My 3 color is nearly done. Looks like this will be a nice large group as it grows.

  3. Welcome Nancy!
    Three colors picked......block and layout picked.....cutting excited!!!!

  4. The more the merrier!! I've got my 3-color design ... looking for the *perfect* colors! :)